Crafted locally , rocked globally

Wonderwall Studios is a creative studio that designs and produces wooden panelling for walls and surfaces. We use exclusively salvaged wood and employ local, professional craftsmen.

You could say we craft locally and rock globally.

Our philosophy

At Wonderwall Studios we believe strongly in taking proper care of the communities we work in and the people we work with.

The woods we use are therefore exclusively salvaged from abandoned houses, derelict sheds, rail road-sleepers, naturally fallen trees and old floors. Anything goes really, as long as it’s reclaimed. We are all about joyous materials and sustainability through reclamation.

The local craftsmen we work with are professional carpenters and tradesmen. We pay an honest wage for an honest day’s work. And we treat everyone as we would our own family and friends. We are convinced that by being honest and fair we can create a better world.

Our production and design process

We keep everything we do in-house: From the reclamation of the wood to the design, marketing and selling of the collection. Of course we do everything we do with great care. But it’s our design process that we are particularly fond and proud of. During our searches for suitable wood, we always keep our eyes open for any new trends and styles.

Fully inspired we head back home or to the workshop and let the creative juices flow. We sketch, doodle, draw and throw stuff at the wall and we discuss our design ideas with the woodworkers. They’ll tell us which wood type will work best for each design. Everyone’s involved, so the end result is always a true team effort.

We run a tight ship. This is how we sustain our high standards. We visit our workplaces regularly and know all the local carpenters working for us personally. Thanks to this set-up we can guarantee our customers a good quality product made by skilled craftsmen who enjoy their work. Every tile is hand-made which means at some point it will be held by one or more of our craftsmen. There’s a lot of sweat and love in our panels.

How it all started

Wonderwall Studios wasn’t founded, it happened. We were doing something else when we just got the idea to start making wood panelling from recycled wood. At first it was very basic: We’d come across abandoned houses on our travels in South-East Asia, take out the girders, work on them a bit and then envision this wonderful bit of wood on someone’s wall.

That was a couple of years go. We’re fully organised now and have a great group of local craftsmen working in our team to create our collections of wall panels. The thing that hasn’t changed is that we still scour the land for anything that we can upcycle. We prefer upcycle to recycle because what we do actually enhances the wood we find.

We don’t just give it a second life; we give it a better one.