Wonderwall Studios introduces Bog Oak

Wonderwall Studios the first to introduce exclusive, centuries-old Bog Oak

Wonderwall Studios is a creative studio that designs and produces wooden panelling for walls and surfaces. We are all about joyous materials and sustainability through reclamation. Old friends and new acquaintances too, know that we never settle for second-best. Instead we always walk that extra mile to find our exclusive woods.

Here’s what’s new
That search for the best, those extra miles travelled have now taken us deep into the mires and bogs of Eastern Europe. And the reward has made our journey and exploration more than worthwhile: WWS brings the past back to life with two new types of handcrafted cladding from beautifully preserved, centuries-old Bog Oak.

What is Bog Oak?
Bog Oak is the household name for oak wood that has been buried in peat bog for hundreds and in some cases thousands of years. Yes, it’s old. Now here’s the science behind it. Peat – or turf – is a build-up of decaying organic matter. Anything buried in peat stays well preserved for millennia due to the absence of oxygen. One of the oldest pieces of beautifully preserved Bog Oak to have been hauled to the surface was dated to be 8000 years old. The trees, trunks and logs we reclaim are from large oak trees that have been felled by man or nature. During the decades, centuries and millennia the wood has sunk ever deeper into the black mud. Deprived of oxygen the oak mummifies and is protected from decay. At the same time it is enriched and coloured by acids and minerals. Compare it to a whiskey that has been allowed to age for decades. The rich, dark shades of brown and intense blacks give Bog Oak its exclusive look. Bog Oak has been through a lot. It deserves the best; we intend to give it that.

Where can I find some?
You can’t. We can though. Bog Oak lies in bogs, rivers and mires. It is very hard to find and even harder to extract. First, divers must locate the oak. Secondly cranes are brought to these often isolated and always muddy locations to pull the wood out of the peat bog. Once out of the peat, the oak needs to be immersed directly into water until we’re ready to process it further. It is a time-consuming and difficult task. The intensive process of reclaiming Bog Oak and the fact that the supply is limited makes it very exclusive. Bog Oak is hard to find, hard to get and beautiful to look at. It gives us sweaty palms, causes palpitations and deprives us of sleep and appetite. Okay, we’ll admit it: We’ve fallen in love again. We will carry one exclusive Bog Oak design in our collection: Sage. This new edition to our already rich collection of woods once again underline our desire to keep growing and basically go mad with joy for new discoveries, wood types and designs.

WWS was the first company to offer high-quality and sustainable wooden surface cladding and wall panelling. The woods we use are exclusively salvaged from abandoned houses, derelict sheds, rail railway sleepers, naturally fallen trees and old floors. And for Bog Oak we’ll immerse ourselves in swamps and bogs. No mountain too high, no valley too deep. Anything goes really, as long as it’s reclaimed. We use exclusively salvaged wood and employ local professional craftsmen. You could say we craft locally and rock globally.