Walnut Overstock

Flamed straight, dancing grain

Our collection contains two types of walnut: American and Ukrainian. American walnut we source in Vietnam, where the tree was introduced a long time ago. As with all the wood we source, the walnut we use for our panels is salvaged and reclaimed. We buy off-cuts, sapwood and wood deemed unsuitable for the market due to cracks or nuts.

American walnut has a distinctive mix of soft sapwood tones and a dark heartwood. The purple and red hues give this walnut type a particularly luxurious appearance. The Ukrainian type has brown hue with dark dramatic streaks. Both woods are flamed and have wavy grains that produces a very characteristic and attractive look.

As with all the wood we salvage and reclaim in order to upcycle, we source our walnut wood locally too. In Vietnam and the Ukraine, we work with small workshops and sawmills that are either family-owned or small and locally run outfits.